Friday, September 25, 2009

Updates and Introducing "New Additions"


It's been a while but we're officially back! I'm sorry I've been neglecting the blog, and for some time now - we've been busy busy sewing customs, filling orders, and more! I'd like to thank all you for all your continued support over the years – you make Rainbow Waters all it is today! :) I will be making more of a serious effort at updating the blog. (And, of course, more photos of our fun creations!)

All right, to business! There's a shop on my main website that has said “Under Construction” for some time now, and my hopes are for that cart to consist of instock solid-colored wool items, baby layette items, appliqued tees, and much more. I hope to have this part of my site running by the end of the year.

Now the fun part! Photos! One of the things offered on my site right now is a baby layette made completely out of organic fabrics. Not only are layettes a fun need for any new addition, organic fabrics make these SO yummy! I will be offering a New Additions package, which is an entire baby layette, as well as offering New Additions Singles to choose from. Each layette is designed to mix and match so that you've always got something sweet, soft, and ready for baby to snuggle in! Here are some photos:

What New Addition to your family wouldn't want to curl up in these sweet little duos? I'm so excited to be able to bring these to you and can't wait to share more of our recent creations with you!

Stay tuned!