Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More customs!

My customers have been super creative lately and I have loved being able to sew up their creations! Keep them coming! Here are some we've recently been busy with and finished:

We've also been kept very busy with work on our tester diapers! We've gotten quite a few orders for these and I think that we're in the final stages, and ready to introduce these diapers onto Rainbow Waters' Hyena Cart soon. Here are a few I've recently done:

And lastly, around 6 months ago I joined up with www.theclothdiapershop.com and have wholesaled some of my items to them. This is especially great news for my Canadian mamas, as theclothdiapershop is in Ontario! This will allow you to get your woolies much quicker, shipping wise. :) Currently, a second set is getting ready to be sent out to her so that she can stock up in her store with much more wool (and in exciting coordinating colorways)! Here is a link and items that are listed currently, go check them out!

We have so much fun creating for you, and can't wait to hear more ideas!

Thanks everyone! :)