Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Introducing Summer....

I am very excited to introduce my new email assistant, Summer. :) Not only is she a dear friend, but I have decided to hire her to help me with emails that are more general- ie. asking about stockings, customs, the wait list and maybe more as we move along. We will be working very one on one, and my ultimate goal for you and my business is to "keep it personal". My customers are not a number or just an order to me at all, and while I do remain professional, I like to get to know my customers, let my guard down a little, and laugh and have fun with them. This bond between Rainbow Waters and my customers will not be broken by adding an email assistant at all. Summer is a very warm and energetic person, and I know you are going to be thrilled to hear from her as well. :)

Thank you Summer!!!!

A little message from Summer-

"I feel so honored to be a very small part of Rainbow Waters. I look forward to getting to know some of you and I will do my best to be of the best assistance to you! "

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Email Posts. LOL

I just am writing a quick post to let everyone know who has emailed me this week that I am not ignoring any emails. However my son has been in camp this week, and so I have been busy dropping him off/picking him up and spending time with my daughter in between. By the time I get home, its dinnertime, and than I need to sew. I will be spending sometime tomorrow getting to emails. Please bare with me, the summer is a busy time for me. I will try to get to emails in a more timely manner hence why I am considering hiring someone to answer some simple emails. ;)

Thanks Ladies!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Email Assistant???

As Im sure you have noticed, I have been a little slower answering emails in the last couple months. It seems since I started 3 yrs ago, Rainbow Waters has slowly grown over time, and its just amazing to me! I love it! I want to make sure I am being as efficient as possible in getting your questions answered, items sewed & shipped in a timely manner, etc.

Im not sure exactly how this would work, but I have been looking into getting a friend (who is part of this lovely cloth diapering community, a lot of you probably know her. ;)) to answer some general emails for me, so that I can focus most of my time on getting the product in your hands as quick as possible. Basically, she would answer any general inquiries about my products & their interest in a custom slot. I would let her know where I am on a daily basis, whether or not I am open to taking email customs at that time, and if not, she would direct you to my waiting list and help you add yourself to the list if you needed some assistance. She may help with other webwork as well, like adding pictures to my gallery, and some other randomn things.

One of the most important things to me in my business is "keeping it personal". I strive for professionalism but at the same time, I want my business to be a personal experience for both the customer and myself. I like to get to know my customers as I sew for their children, a lot of the time it helps me visualize the item on them, and get the sizing and design fit to each families personal style. I dont think this would in anyway impair that bond I have with my customers, however I would love to hear your input. Any current orders would be directly sent to me, and any general inquiries would be sent to my "e-mail assistant" at a Rainbow Waters e-mail address. Ultimately, your email will be forwarded to me in the end and as we create your order, I will be your main lady. :) This is just to help me in a small way work mostly on sewing, and getting the product into your hands a little faster. However, if my customers feel this would take away from the personal bond, please let me know. Your opinion matters most.

I have a poll up on the right side of the page. Please let me know how you feel!


Wow!! Long time, no post. :)

I know I said that last post, however I have been super busy with life, sewing, etc. :)

I have a ton of news to share with everyone, but lets start with some pics. These are all customs I have finished and completed over the past few weeks, I dont have pictures of all of the items I have finished, however here is some of it. ;)

Dream Bicycle Shirred Tank/Cover Set
Swing Dress/Cover Set-

A pretty blue LWI dyejob in the pot. :) This is my new favorite blue!

Surrender Kimono Playdress/Wool Ruffle Pants Set

Retro Swirls Regular Playdress-

Chickadee Small Wool Cover-

VW Shorts

Drooping Daisy Wool Cover-

Love Bird Wool Cover-

Ok, now for some news....

First of all, if you are here, you already have seen that my website had a makeover. We are still in the process of perfecting a few small details, but overall the site is done. Andrea of Wanted Webdesign has been doing my design, and she has just been amazing to work with. :) I think I have been super picky as I wanted everything just right, and she has done amazing and done more than I could ask for. So, please check out her site if you are ever in any need of webwork. And than, check out the site, look through it. I hope its more user friendly for you. ;)

Secondly, I got a new camera. I am so so super excited about this. I purchased a Nikon D60, and while my pictures before were nice, I hope this makes for a clearer picture of my products. I am just thrilled. Some of the pictures above were taken with my new camera and Im sure you can tell which ones. Sooo excited.

Third, as you can see on my website, I am hoping to open a retail store/integrated cart on my site. I think it will happen sometime by the end of the month, but we shall see how it goes. I have a lot of products in mind for this cart system, but I think I will keep that a surprise until we get closer to having the website up. I think you will enjoy whats in store. Most of my one of a kind, appliqued products will probably remain on hyenacart, and I will not be selling my custom slots anywhere but on hyenacart, by email, or my waiting list. But I do hope this helps some customers get their hands on some of my products quicker in a timely manner.

Fourth, as some of you know, I just endured an ectopic pregnancy about 3 weeks ago, so I have been moving a little slower than normal. I am finally feeling a lot better in the last week so my speed is starting to pick up to normal, so hopefully I will get caught up as quick as possible. As soon as I finish my current custom list, I will be focusing my sole energy on my waiting list to get through it as its getting quite long. Im not sure how long it will take me to get through my current custom list, but I will keep everyone updated on that.

And lastly, I am so excited to announce I have joined the iCrave congo. There are some amazing artisans over there, and I am very excited to have joined in with them. So, check us out over there as well. The next stocking on August 22nd features the Heather Ross Mendocino fabric. Come on over!

I do hope to keep you all updated a lot more often, so check in from time to time. :)

I think that is all, so I will close tonight, head to bed (its 1am) and see you all in the morning.