Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Got the embroidery foot!

Drove all the way back today, got the foot, put it on my machine, and I do think this one is the correct foot. I will be doing some embroidering tonight to make sure, but I think we finally have the right one. :) Excited to get started embroidering! :)

Pics, Pics, Finally Pics!

Hey Ladies, finally got around to some progress pics, I have several more pieces of wool that the tees arent complete, so I didnt show those items. Ill show them when they are complete sets. :)

Lindsys Turtle Cover-

Natalie's Aviary Bird Set-

Teresa's Dino Raglan/Boxer Brief Set-

Teresa's Cherry Set-

Dawns Nighttime Cover w/a 2 layer wool wetzone-

Gloriels Pants-

Heather's Friends Wool Cover-

Kira's Jolly Roger Cover-

Lindsys Goldfish Cover-

Ok, thats all she wrote for now. ;) Thanks for looking.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey Ladies, A few updates

1. I have been in contact with the shop, they cant find my embroidery foot, so had to order me a new one, they say itll arrive on Wednesday/Thursday at the latest. *rolls eyes* I sure hope so, b/c I do have 2 orders waiting on this. If its not here in the next 2 days or so, I am gonna seriously ask them if they will allow me to embroider on one of their machines in their store.

2. I was planning on listing customs tomorrow because I am nearly done with my custom list, however I think I will probably delay it a little b/c of my embroidery delay. I have most everyones orders (but Britt, Melissa, Laura, there may be a couple others that were later orders) nearly completed. Most all of the wool is sewn up, and I will be working on the tees/tops tomorrow. I think I will do some more instock as well sometime this week. :)

3. Please excuse any delay in ship or email lately, I have been super super swamped, at home and with my biz. So basically, even if you notice your order is complete, I may not necessarily get your item shipped right away, it may take me a few days minimum to get your order out, because I tend to do shipping only a couple times per week. So until you get a shipping notice in your inbox (this excludes Itl orders) assume I havent shipped it yet but I am getting to it. No one has even asked about this, but I thought I would bring it up, just in case people were wondering. :)

Anyhow, I hope to have all custom slots out (from my last stocking) by this week. :)

Thanks ladies, I am so glad to be working for ya all. I promise I keep saying Ill get pics and than I end up out all day with the kiddos, and the daylight is gone! LOL I wish my camera took decent pictures in the evening, as thats the most convenient time for pics, but of course it doesnt. :) So I wanna say pics tomorrow, lol, but I cant swear on it. :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Embroidery News

Ugh, so I called them this afternoon to let them know they didnt include my embroidery foot when I took the machine home yesterday. They said they couldnt find the foot all around the store, but I insisted it was not there, so they told me they had something there I could probably take. I drive like 30 mins there, for them to hand me a foot that is NOT the same as the foot I had. I explain this to him, he assures me it will work. I take it home, it does NOT!!!

Im so frustrated with this guy. I call him and he tells me he will check his other store, and if they dont have it, they will order me a new part, which is fine, but it just puts me behind on my embroidery items. He is due to call me back tonight any minute now. Just think happy thoughts that he has one at the other store that will work, so I can get it this weekend. Otherwise I wont be recieving the new foot until sometime next week. I just wanna embroider, why are they so mean! LOL

Anyways, Off to sew. :) Thanks ladies.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Sewing Agenda Tonight :)

*Elizabeths Wool
*Heathers VW Shorts
*Heathers Cover
*Natalies Wool
*Leahs Wool

I will be working on the following wool items tonight, Im sure I wont get them all done but I will be beginning to sew them. :)

And some more good and bad news.

Good News-
I got my embroidery machine back today and it looks so nice and new and clean!!! He did a test embroidery and it looks wonderful!!!

Bad News-
I went to start an embroidery tonight when I realized, they forgot to give me back my embroidery foot!!!!! Grrrr, I was really really upset, and threw a fit about it whining to my husband, lol, poor guy. You have NO idea how excited I was to try it out now thats its been fixed, cleaned up and purty and looking new, and than NOOOOO. We are probably going out of town for the day tomorrow, and they are on the way out, so providing they are open on Saturday, I will get it back tomorrow.

Anyways, thanks for a successful stocking today. I think I have the best customers evah! :) I love you guys truly. I couldnt be happier working for you all. :)

And now, off to sew. ;)

Oh, Edited To Add- I will take some pics this weekend! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Progress Tonight

Ok, back to sewing customs. I am going to update everyone on my list right now, so they know where they are. I also am stopping tonight at 11:15pm-ish, to sew my son a new tshirt and my daughter something of some sort, my poor kiddos never get a sewing day, so my new goal is to try make them ONE thing every other day, I am going to take pics. If I dont do it, hold me to it! LOL

Ok Updates:

Britton- Waiting on measurements, wool dyed, fabric picked out and ready to be cut.
Samantha- Wool Dyed, Idea picked out. I am beginning cutting/sewing tonight for wool.
Elizabeth- I know what I am going to do, wool dyed and ready to cut, I will probably cut and begin your items tomorrow.
Casandra- Your custom is complete, I finished your shorts tonight, I will post pics tomorrow, and I will get this out for you by the weekend, Monday latest. :)
Alyce- Bacone & Eggs Set Complete, Both LWI Shorts Complete, Rock Star Shirt is being appliqued, Earth Tee will start tomorrow, other tee will start tomorrow.
Lindsy- Covers Complete, Waiting on my Embroidery machine to finish pants.
Teresa- All items cut, your wool shorts are done. Your cherry tunic is half finished.
Kira- Your Skull Cover is appliqued and the cuffs are ready to go on, I am working on "green" items tonight, so that will be sewn up tomorrow. Dragon Pants Complete, Working on last pair of pants.
Heather- All items dyed. Snail Shorts finished. VW Shorts Cut, ready to begin sewing. Cover cut, will begin sewing sometime during the weekend.
Natialie- All your items are dyed and cut. Will begin sewing sometime this weekend.
Leah- All your items are dyed and cut. Will begin sewing this weekend.
Brittany- I have my ideas complete, your wool will be dyed this weekend.

Phew! if your name is not on this list, I am either in the process of packaging up your order, or it has already been shipped. :) I am actually making a ton of progress lately. :) I think I will probably do Samanthas shorts tonight, and than sew for my kiddos. :)
Thanks Ladies. ;)

If you have emailed me

and I havent responded, I promise I did get it. :) I am lagging big time right now on getting back to people on emails. I will be sure to get that done tonight. I am going to email a few people right now, than go sew, and finish off the rest who are waiting for a response when I take a break. My husband took my kiddos out so I could sew, so I really ought to go do that, lol. ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Waiting List

So, I have quite a few people a week asking for customs, typically I am more than happy to put them on my custom list, but right now I am swamped, so I have had to put people on a waiting list to be added. I think a more organized way to do this, is to create a post, and people can add themselves to it by posting a comment.

When posting a comment, please add:

Your E-mail Address- So I can contact you when I am ready
Your Name- although its fine if you have to post as anonymous, just add your name somewhere in the content.

Also, if youd like to email me as well, that is totally great, but please add yourself to this list as well, because I will refer to this list when taking the extra customs. I will continue to stock customs, you are more than welcome to stalk those, and ask me to delete you from the list at anytime. I will probably take a couple of these in a 1-2 week period, so a faster method would be to stalk for a custom slot in my store. You can also opt to stalk for a custom, if you get one, you can remain in the list as well, if you would like to keep both custom slots.

As your order is taken, I will delete your comment from the list to show your order has been taken. You may add yourself to the list more than once, ONCE your first order has been taken.

Ok, I think I covered everything, please email me at for any further questions.

My progress pics. :)

Some progress pics, just a couple, Ill have some more tomorrow. :)

And some comments on all my pics today, I will try doing that on every pic now.

Marybels Owl Cover-
Thanks Mary! :) She has been a pleasure to work with. her husband actually drew out the covers for me on paper with an idea of what she wanted which was awesome since Im a very visual learner. :)

Surprise Me Custom #5-

This mama is so sweet. :) I hope she likes her set. She has been a pleasure to work with always. :)

Now these shorts are for a very special boy (although I think all my customers are special :)) He has a favorite owl that he carries around and his mama, a very close and special friend (ahem cough Summer), asked me to put an owl applique on his shorts to match his owl. I am showing a pic of her sweet son with the owl (I hope thats ok Sum, LMK) and than the shorts I did for him. She in trade made my daughter a name bracelet, which arrived yesterday and Kenzie just ADORES!!!!!! She has been going around asking who "built" it for her, and she wants to thank you personally when you are on MSN, Summer. LOL Ill get a pic of it on her later! :)

Thanks Ladies. ;) I have some friends coming over today, and I plan to dye while they are here since dyeing didnt get done last night. I need to get cleaning, and than on the list to be sewn tonight is the same people from the last list, I may or may not finish those up tonight, probably not. LOL

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Afternoon!

Hello my friends. :) Just a quick update as I need to go sew, I have some good news and bad news.

Good News:
I got all the labels put on ALL my customers items that were waiting, as well as packaged them all up, so I will be do shipping today as scheduled, probably later tonight, as my sewing curfew is midnight, so I need to get that time in.

Bad News:
My embroidery machine, which is also my sewing machine at this time (I have a backup sewing machine thats seperate, but its broken too lol) conked out yesterday, I could not get it to embroider for the life of me, so that I had to take to the shop today. I assumed it would take 1 week to fix, but the man I spoke to thought it would be 2-3 days even if there were parts that needed to be fixed, however we will see how that goes, hopefully Ill get a call tomorrow with at least a diagnosis of the problem and than he can give me an estimate of the time. I did pick up a basic sewing machine to get me through the next few days though. However, if your custom has an embroidery, that part of your custom will be delayed until my machine returns. This does NOT include my wool appliques, those I do by hand on a machine, this is only the machine embroidery designs, and I think I may only have 2 of those anyways. I really hope its quick though as I miss my baby already!

Randomn Other News:
I still plan to stock my store on Friday, however I bet I wont have previews up until Wednesday night or Thursday during the day, we shall see.

And now, just for fun, here are the customs I will be working on tonight:
  • Alyce
  • Britton
  • Casandra
  • Teresa

I will be dyeing these customs tonight:

  • Samantha
  • Elizabeth
  • Kira
  • Heather
  • Natalie
  • Leah

I also have some progress pics, however I will come on and post those either late tonight or tomorrow. :) Thanks Ladies!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Labels Arrived, Labels Arrived!!!! Happy Daaaance!

Woooooohooooooo! Thank goodness, as I badly wanted to get all that I have here shipped, my finished wool pile is getting tall! Yaaaay, so everything that I have pictured, if it hasnt been shipped yet, will be shipped Monday, as I will be having a label-fest this weekend. :) If I pictured your items but havent completed your custom, of course your items wont be shipped until I have finished your custom. :)

You have NO idea how excited I am that my labels arrived, and I have enough to last me like a year now, so this wont happen again!!!!! :)


A perfect example of what NOT to do....

as a dyer. :) Dont do this, this is bad! LOL I need to go scrub my hands in dawn or something! LOL I didnt realize they were this bad till this pic! LOL We did a TON of dyeing tonight. I basically am almost finished dyeing everyone on my list, except for maybe 3-4 customs which I will be dyeing this weekend, I hope.

Here is a pic of me, totally dyed hands, this is bad, dont try this at home. Excuse me looking a little run down, it is 12:57am, we wear our worst clothes to dye, for reasons you can obviously see, and the house gets extremely hot during dyeing.

Here is a pic of my hubby, who insisted I take a pic of him too.

Off to go scrub my hands in dawn and a scrubbie!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lots O' Pics!

Ok, first of all, I really have lame titles, LOL. Its sad I cant come up with anything cooler. Anyhow, lets just get to the point of this post, lol, pics!

Surprise Me Custom # 1

Pile O' Wool

Helicopter Wool Cover:

Shannons Pants

Shannons Capris

Surprise Me Custom #2-

Surprise Me Custom #3

Amandas Jungle Safari Set-

Surprise Me Custom #4

Amanda B's Anchor Cover

Beckys Jungle Safari Set-
Casandras Wool Cover-

As of this AM no labels yet, I will be sending individual e-mails updating people on labels, b/c this has set me back about a week in shipping, and I am not sure if everyone of my customers checks my blog. :) Thanks Ladies!!! :)


Im so sorry I have been MIA, I havent really been MIA, just MIA from my blog. I tend to have all the time in the world to email the first few days after a stocking and than I get busy sewing, and dealing with my kiddos, that I get sidetracked. :) Anyhow, I do have a lot of pics I need to take today to show ya all. A lot are surprise me customs and I couldnt decide if I should picture them or not if the person didnt want pics, but I think what Im going to do is picture them, not telling who its for unless youd like to know, and than let me know. ;)

I also managed to do "a day in the life of" on Wednesday, so I have a TON of pics I need to upload for that! :) Be back soon after I drop off my sweet son at school. ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where am I?

Im here. :)

First some bad news. I have a dilemna with my labels, so if I havent shipped out your product yet, there may be a slight delay (hopefully not being more than a few days) b/c I ran out of labels, I thought I had like 100 left when I ordered new labels 3 weeks ago or so, and either I went through 100 labels or I totally miscounted, it could totally possibly be the first with the amt of stuff I have been able to bust out lately!!! Which rocks! :) Anyhow, the labels are on their way to me, they shipped the 11th express international, so hopefully sometime early this week, they will arrive. :)

Now, for progress. :)

Customs I have completed but have not yet shipped due to the label issue-

1. Valeries 3 wool covers
2. Shannons Pants
3. Janes Cover & 3 diapers
4. Lisas Cupcake covers
5. Beckys Set
6. Amanda S.'s Set
7. Amanda Perry

I will be doing some searching in my drawers for labels, lol, if I find some your orders will go out. If not, please be patient with me, this def was not something I thought would happen, and I have 500 labels on the way so it wont happen again, especially since next time, Ill be sure to order WAY ahead of time, lol. I expect the labels sometime mid- week, wednesday perhaps?

Orders I am working on now, all these orders have been dyed, and I am working on them now, some pics will come tomorrow-

1. Kellys Surprise Me
2. Danielles Surprise Me
3. Cellys Surprise Me
4. Erin F.s Surprise Me
5. Summers Shorts
6. Marys Covers

I anticipate completing all these customs by the end of the week, but we shall see. My husband and I will be dyeing tomorrow for a few more orders. :)

Ill be back tomorrow with pics. :) Thanks!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ohh!! And some new stocking info.

I forgot to include some information about my stockings in my last post. It has come to my attention that I dont stock my store enough, and I agree! :) I will be spending a couple days a week dyeing/sewing for instock during my custom list. Chances are what I will do is "schedule" time on my custom list for sewing for instock. My plan is to stock my store once per week with at least a few items. I will not be stocking my store however with custom slots until my current custom list at the time is complete, just some instock products.

If you have any ideas or requests for instock products, drop me a line, I could always use some ideas. :)

Some more new fun info! Since I failed at the day in the life of deal, lol, I will be planning on doing a start to finish post on making a wool product of some sort, maybe it will be yours ;). From the prepping of cutting the wool, prepping it, dyeing it, rinsing/washing it, drying it, and than the whole sewing process as well. Just b/c I think that will be fun for people to see. :)

Good Afternoon.

Hey Friends! :) I have some pics of a few things I have finished. I havent sewn the past day or so, because I have been busy answering e-mails. ;) However, tonight it is on! Here who is on board for tonights sewing:

Amanda S.'s Set
Beckys Set
Hemming Shannons Pants (oy, I lag, lol, these will go out tomorrow)
Amanda's Anchor Cover
Dye Marys Covers

Now, this is horribly overzealous to expect to get this done tonight, so bear with me, however, I will be do my darnest to at least start those items. :) Items that will be going out by Friday include:

Lisas Cupcake Covers
Valeries Covers
Shannons Pants
Janes Items

Here are the items I havent posted pics of yet:

2 of Janes Diapers: (the other I will start tonight)

Valeries 4 leaf clover cover (tag will be added):

So here is my schedule for tonight, just for fun:

6:30-7:00pm- Answering Emails

7:00-8:00pm- Cleaning my sewing room/kitchen (NOTHING can be sewn or dyed until these areas are cleaned, seriously, not happenning, LOL)

8:00-8:30pm- Spend time with the fam

8:30pm- Kids bedtime

8:45-9:00pm- Begin Sewing (I may answer some emails before I go to sew)

9:00-10:30pm- Sewing

10:30pm- Get my dh started with dyeing, I do all the mixing of colors, prepping, and he mostly does my stirring, rinsing and dumping while I sew.

11:30-12:00am- Curfew, cant sew anymore!! Get ready for bed. :)

12:30- Go to bed, watch TV in bed with DH.

12:30-1:00am- GoodNight! ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008

OK, I am a failure at

"a day in the life of" LOL. I got my son from school, headed straight to pick my dh up, we were even AT his office for a few mins and I forgot to take pics. I stink! So, I give up today, lol, and I will redo it tomorrow or Wednesday. My son only goes to preschool Mon/Wed/Fri so Tues/Thursday are sort of boring for me, so maybe Ill try tomorrow, but if I fail again, Ill do wednesday religiously from the moment I wake up! LOL Im sorry I failed, haha.

"A day in the life of" Me!


7:15am- Braedon wakes. Ugh that was too early for me, so the bad mother I am, I asked him to watch a show or 2, and play in the room quietly, so I could rest. Every 2 mins he is talking to me, so I didnt really get to sleep, but I did rest.

9:30am- Makenzie wakes up, comes to the bedroom with us, nurses. We get up around 9:45am.

9:45am- I fix the kids breakfast which was apples and a granola bar, thats about all I can handle until I can get some coffee into me, than they get something more, haha.

10:00am- I fix myself some coffee, sit down. Drink it and check my e-mail, and some message boards . I look at an email from my husband, informing me that his car stalled out and died yet AGAIN today (we have gone through this like 4 times in a 2 week period now, and the guys keeps fixing the wrong part) and he is having it towed to the mechanic. The mechanic thinks he put in a bad alternator, and if so, it is warrantied and he will fix it for us than, we will owe him nothing. Ugh I hope thats it, Im so over throwing money into this car. This also means, I have to pick up my husband from work tonight. Ugh, his work is forever away. See, we live in the country of the city, lol, and he works in the city of the city. And I dont like driving in the city! LOL Im making no sense, Ill explain later.

10:30am- I get in the shower, get out get dressed. 11:00am- Get Braedon and Makenzie ready to take Braedon to school.

11:30am- We leave to take B to school.

Here we are walking down the stairs, leaving.

Here we are at the car, yes its a dorky car, but it works, lol.

Here I am, about ready to drive off, yes Im wierd.

This is a daily struggle with my daughter. She has a rock obsession. This pile of rocks is right beside where we park the car. So EVERYTIME before she gets into her carsear, we deal with her getting into the rocks, Im surprised there are any left to look at for crying outloud, I usually try to get her to not do it, and put any rocks back, but she has smuggled quite a few. *sigh*

11:40- We arrive at school

And here he is waiting his turn, yes that is toilet paper next to him, I guess the last kid had some fun. It was clean, lol.

Here is my son washing his hands, they ask all the kids to wash their hands before class to minimize germies. Hes drying his hands here.

12:10pm- We arrive home finally, we stayed with Braedon a few mins as they were doing something new today and he was being a little bit clingy. We are walking up stairs and our neighboor calls me, so we go into her pad for a few mins. Makenzie gets to play with her 4 yr old son. We talk a bit about school (he is at the same school as Braedon but in the morning class) and some things we need to bring. Just general chit chat. We stay down there about an hour.

1:10pm- We come back upstairs to our place, and I get lunch started for Kenzie and I, we have avocados and organic mac n cheese, yes Im boring today.

1:30pm- We eat lunch.

2:00pm- We are now just kicking it, doing nothing, lol, on here posting stuff. I am going to get up and clean here in 2 mins. My husband has now informed me that our car did have a bad alternator, and the guys fixed it on him, and I have to go get my husband straight after picking up Braedon at 3:15pm. So I better get some cleaning done now. No pics for now, maybe Ill take some of my house as I clean it. :) My life is so boring, LOL.

Top of the Morning to ya!

Ok, its not really not of the morning, haha. Its closer to bottom of the morning if there was one. Im off to take my son to preschool, I am gonna try to do a little "day in the life of" today, just for fun. :) So far, Ive got a pic of me drinking my coffee which is basically the most important part of my day, without that part of my day, my day doesnt really function. Haha

Anyways, off to drop my son off at school. :) Ill be back and upload some pics for this "a day in the life of" thingy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A few more pics...

Last Night, I did a lot of dyeing, and sewed up a few more things....

On the agenda for today:

* Do Valerie's last cover
* Do Amandas last cover
* Do some instock sewing
* Begin Working on Amanda S.'s Set

Here are some pics of 2 covers I did yesterday:

Here is Amanda's Cheesetoast cover to match the Munki Munki Cheesetoast Fabric Diaper she has. :) Front:


Valerie's Rainbow Cover:

Thanks Ladies. My husband should be home soon and I am gonna go work some more. :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sorry I lag :)

Title says it all. I say things, than get busy and dont get it done, by the time I remember its dark and I cant take pics in the dark, they turn out awful without the sun. Sorry! So here are the pictures I promised. They also dont have labels yet, I need to do that. However, one exciting new thing is, I bought some spray lanolin, so my covers will now come lightly lanolized and ready to wear. Yipeeee!

Marybel's Rocket Ship Cover:

Marybel's Monster Cover:

Marybel's Jolly Roger Cover:

Lisa's Cupcake Cover #1:

Lisa's Cupcake Cover #2:

Lisas Cupcake Covers Together. :) Sorry for making you wait Lisa! LOL

Shannon, I need to hem your capris & pants and than I will have pics for you. :)

I will be working this weekend on completing my custom list, so if you arent on this post, you'll be in one of the future ones, very soon future. Now off to take a shower, and than get to work. :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Good Morning Friends :)

Happy Friday! I have a full day ahead of me today. I will be taking pics of my progress later today however, I have completed:

* Lisas Cupcake Covers
* Valeries Butterfly Cover
* Shannons Capris & Pants (just need to hem them)
* Woody Diaper for Jane
* Cut all the remaining orders out, just need to sew it. :)

What I need to do today:

11:00am- get us all ready to take my son to preschool Done
11:30am- leave for preschool Done
12:00am- get home, and start cleaning the house, from top to bottom Done
2:00pm- sew for one hour before I have to leave to pick up my son from preschool Did not happen, lol
3:00pm- leave to get my son from preschool Done
3:30pm- get home, and finish any cleaning/laundry. If the house is done, sit on my tushy for a few mins on the computer (lol), or go sew. Computer happenned, laundry didnt, I did felt up some more wool though!! haha
5:30pm- Dh is home, we need to go grocery shopping DONE, yay, we had NO food, now we have lots
8:30pm- Get kids ready for bed, get kids to bed Done
9-9:3opm- get sewin' Done, and finished Marybels custom
12:00am- My Sewing Curfew, go sit on the computer for 30 mins. Done
12:30am- Bedtime, go to bed, watch some TV/talk wit Dh Done
1-130am- Crash! yay! :) Done

Ill be on later with pics. :) Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another dye night tonight

Not much sewing went on today. I did however get through the last 12 colors of dyeing on my custom list. Usually I have 3 dye pots going at a time, and it takes me nearly an hour to prep, dye, rinse those 3 colors. With my husbands help, we got through 12 colors in under 2 hours minus the cleanup. He has become a huge help and commodity to my business. We are working hard to up my efficiency, so I can take on more orders in a quicker manner (aka, instead of taking 3 weeks to complete my custom list, taking 1-2 weeks instead). If we can succeed at doing this, our financial comfort level will greatly increase, and for that I thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart! I also want to thank my husband, who has worked so hard lately working all day, than coming home and helping with the children, helping putting them to sleep, and than waking up to help me with my business. He is my rock, and I couldn't do this without his support, which he always has been 100% supportive.

So thank you all so much!!! You give me the ability to stay home with my kids, and thank you Jimmy for being my rock baby! :)

Anyways, onto the good stuff, ALL of my custom list is now dyed up, in the wash. Tomorrow I will take pics. So now, all I have to do it sew it up!!! So if you are on my custom list, and haven't seen pics yet, just know you will see them soon. :)

Thanks ladies!