Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Morning!!!

Oh my!!! Drama in the Finnegan crib this AM! lol

My husbands sole and only duty this AM was to get me coffee grounds. No, I am not cool and dont have a grinder yet. So, this AM I wake up, see my fresh bag of starbucks coffee grounds (I know I need to try Uber Geek Coffee, just need a grinder first) pry it open, which takes some work mind you when you are a zombie. I open it up, get ready to pour it, when I realize. HE GOT ME BEANS!!! Nooooooooo! So, Im like starting to go into freakout mode here. Not only am I brutally upset he didnt get me coffee GROUNDS, Im starting to come up with insane ideas in my head like "waah its the little things that count!" "why doesnt he pay attention to the small details, I did remind him he needed to buy ground, does he pay no attention to me and my simple needs?" which I know is a little extreme for him buying me beans instead of ground, but oy I need my coffee to live.

Waaaah! Why me??

In the meantime, its gonna take some extra time to get movin' this AM for me, hopefully I live. ;) Standby!

Drama, Rant Over.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tomorrow, and some of tonight, I will be taking time to sew for my babies. Spring has sprung up on us very quickly in San Diego and my poor kids are still in LS tees and pants, cause I havent had time to sew for them, lol. I will be doing some biz sewing, but the majority of my sewing tomorrow will be for my babies! :) I will post pics. ;)


Last Nights Sewing

Good Afternoon! :) First off, this is SO much fun for me!! Raise your hand if its fun for YOU. ;) Raise your hand if I use too many exclamation marks! *Hand is raised, I know I do. I admit it, I cant stop!!!*

I have to include some fun pictures in every entry, just for, well, fun.

Here is my pile of wool customs, that NEED to go out tomorrow. Some items are parts of a custom, so they wont go out until the rest of the custom is complete. Most will be shipped tonight, and sent out tomorrow. :) Be patient though, its a lot of shipping to do, I promise to be timely though.

Another view, again, just for fun,

And now for the customs I finished last night.

First off, Kimberly's Hedge Pants

Kimberly's Tree of Life LWI Dyed Pants

Kristine's Dino Pants

Katie A.'s Star Wool Cover

Katie A.'s Dove Wool Cover

And that's all she wrote today. :) I will be continuing with my custom list tonight/tomorrow though, so if you aren't on this post, you will be soon. :)

Thanks for humoring me!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

The post of goodies

Ok, here it goes!!!! First off my progress today:

1. sewed Britts hibiscus shorts
2. dyed 3 more colors (stay tuned for pics)
3. Ok, thats it, I just didnt wanna look completely unproductive, so I added a #3.

And now for some pics, and yes I realize none of these have tags yet. ;) Ill put em up, I promise!

Kristines Apple Pants:

Janes Surfboard Medium Short Cover:

Beckys Owl Cover:

Apple Covers (2), one for Katie A. and the other for Britt.

Britts Cupcake Cover

Britts Doggie Shorts:

Britts Birdy Shorts

Britts Hibiscus Shorts

And just for fun, a pic of my embroidery machine doing its magic for this applique, all my straight stitch appliques are done by me. :)

Samanthas Baby Set (Sorry, Samantha, you get 2 tshirts since I totally messed up and made the SS one first, I hope you dont mind. ;))

Samanthas Rocket Ship Set

And more "fun" pics. Here is a pic of me dyeing today. Excuse the totally splotched up dyepots, my dyepots have seen better days, and I need to wipe them off after Im done with them, look at all those splotches. Really though, I just need to buy some new pots, these ones HAVE seen better days, and like almost 3 yrs of dyeing!!!

And, I am trying to teach my sweet hubby to stir my dye pots so I can go off and sew while the dyepots are going. He thinks he is being funny in this pic. *rolls eyes & shakes head* Sigh. Male Humor.

Thanks!!! Happy Reading!!!

Get ready for a super long post of goodies

So, I have taken pics of the work Ive done today and all the work Ive done for the last 4-5 days or so. Stay tuned!

Making Progress

Hey there!!! This is what I accomplished today:

* dyed 3 different colors for a few different orders.
* sewed Britts birdy shorts
* sewed Valeries Car Soaker
*Cut and appliqued Britts flower shorts (will sew up tomorrow)

I could have done better but with a crazy 2.5 yr old and 4 yr old today, I was lucky to get anything done. :)

Just for fun, I took a pic of me sewing tonight (valeries cover) and wow, remind me to suck in next time, cause all that frozen yogurt this week has given me a GUT!!!! My new goal is to go to the gym 4-5 times a week, b/c this picture puts my 98lb high school self into cardiac arrest!!!

Anyways, I didnt get a pic of anything else but this race car cover, which is gonna make my almost 5 yr old, who has been pottytrained since before he was 3, wish he was still in diapers!!! Thanks Valerie, I will e-mail you sometime this weekend!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Trying this blogging thing out!

I know I already have a custom status page, but that is way less detailed. This will be a fun way for customers to read up on whos custom Im working on, on a day to day basic. The days Im not sewing, and the days I sew for my kids. I will take as many pics as possible. :) Happy Reading!!