Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainbow Waters Update!

We have been MIA from the blog again, but we are back and with more fun photos of customs and news updates! A few things are changing with our price lists and we want to keep you up to date! Due to rising costs of wool, we decided to take a second look and reevaluate our materials verses labor costs. All of this has led to a slight increase on our wool prices, $2 more for each size, that we have found necessary in order to continue selling wool products. We hope you will understand. However, our new prices will not go into effect until February 1, 2010. Any orders that are paid for before this date will be charged the old wool prices.

Here are the prices as they will be posted on February 1st, 2010:

We will do our best to take as many orders as possible before February 1st for those of you who would like to purchase some last minute wool at the the old price. But, please keep in mind that the turn-around time may go up depending on the volume of response. We will give you an accurate estimated completion time at the time of your order. Please feel free to purchase a slot or email me to put in an order - I will accept as many email orders as I can at this time.

We have also reevaluated our applique prices and have decided to do more of a sliding scale system based on the complexity of the applique. These prices will also not go into effect until February 1, 2010. I may put some sort of gallery on the site with examples of the different appliques and the price that particular applique would be. Until that is complete, please email for a quote.

All right, business over - now for customs! Here are a few items we've worked on recently:

More to come soon! :)