Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long time, No Bloggie....

Hey ladies!!! I know it seems like years since I have posted to my blog, sorry about that. I have been SUPER busy. My family, my parents, and my sister will be going to Buffalo, NY for 5 days for my grandmothers 90th birthday! :) I will be gone from JUne 13-18th. I will be stocking my store (gotta eat on vacation! haha) one last time before I leave, I may not have time to do a long preview, and some items may be listed randomnly as I finish them. :) I will also be working late nights to attempt to finish my custom list before I go. These are some things I need to work on before the trip though:

*Attempting to finish my custom list
*Doing one stocking this week.
*Cleaning my house so it spotless before we leave (we will be moving in the next couple months so our landlord will be showing the home while we are gone)
*Sewing my own children a couple outfits before we leave.

I only have 4 days to complete this, and I know we will also end up with one playdate during that time, and Braedon has school Monday and Wednesday, so I have a feeling not everything is going to get done. I have to meet with my mother here in about an hour to discuss last minute trip details, get some dinner, and pick the kids up some new fun things to take on the plane to keep them busy, than when I get home, I have a lot of work to do. I will try to stay on top of emails this week, but I REALLY am going to be busy probably sewing & cleaning ALL day, lol, so please be patient with me. I also will be bringing my laptop on the trip, so I plan to answer emails once a day in the evening. Sometime tonight, I will send ALL my custom ladies emails to let them know if their items will be completed before the trip, and if not when they will be completed. My initial idea was to have everything done off of my custom list before I leave but my family has been sick, so I didnt get as much done as Id liked last week.

Anyways, this is a LONG blog entry, so I am going to end it here, I will also post later tonight a detailed list of all my custom mamas and where I am in your custom, and when I plan to ship. :)


PS I will attempt to get some show off pics up for you this next week of everything I have been working on the past week or 2, but Im not sure if thatll happen, maybe I can put the pics on my laptop and do that in the evenings at the hotel once things will have settled down. :)

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Alyce said...

Oh my gosh, I LIVE in Buffalo, LOL. Have fun!