Sunday, June 8, 2008

Progress Report *Update 6/9*

Update 6/9 6:28pm-

I have been working all day today and have completed a lot including dyeing/sewing some wool items for the shop, I will probably list them tonight/tomorrow. I will update the list as I complete your items, I will be working through the night up until about midnight. LOL Busy Busy! ;)


Ok, Here is a current progress report of where I am in my customs, I will give everyone a brief idea of where I am, and an approx shipping date. If you arent on this list, than I probably already shipped your custom, if you have questions though, please email me. :)

Alicia- Custom Complete, Ship ETA- 6/12
Annie- Yours Complete, Sisters and your Ship ETA- 6/12
Tracy- Complete, Ship ETA- 6/12
Virginia- Complete, I have sent you pics, since I need to send your via post office, I havent gotten there yet, I will go to the post office by the 12th.
Allie- Complete, Ship ETA- 6/12
Heleanna- Working on your items, they *should* ship by the 12th, I will email you if I have any delays.
Shayla- I have completed your overnight covers and shipped them. The other items will be completed upon my arrival back in town, as we discussed.
Allison- Wool is dyed, and I will be working on yours this week. I am hoping to get them shipped by the 12th, but will update you with any delays.
Charlene- Your wool is also dyed, items cut. I am working on them now, I hope to get them shipped by the 12th, but will update you with delays.
Teresa- Your embroidered tee is complete, working on the birthday tee, and your cover is also in the works. I will ship by the 12th.
Becky- I am also working on your items now, my plan is to ship by the 12th, but will email you if I have delays.
Annie H.- Shorts already shipped, Tee Complete, ETA for Tee Ship- 6/12
Marybel- Working on your tees. I will try to finish by the 12th, however they may be delayed until after I return, as we disccused.
Leah- Your items will be shipped by the 12th
Jenny- Your items should be shipped by the 12th. Wool in dyeing process sometime tomorrow.
Michele- Complete, Ship ETA- 6/12
Lindsay- Your items may be completed when I return, and shipped around the 21st.

Ok, phew, lol. For some reason typing this out seems like a lot, but a lot of the work is almost done. My ULTIMATE goal is to have everything shipped by the 12th, but since I have a lot to do from now until Thursday, some of these items may be slightly delayed until I return. If you are one of those people, I will be sending you an email in the next few days. :) I will also be putting up some items I have completed as sewing customs, and a couple more I will be doing this week. The stocking will probably be Tues/Wednesday. But, for now, I am off to sew for another 3 more hours on customs. :)
Thanks ladies!

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