Saturday, May 3, 2008

Progress Pics Galore! ;)

Here are some progress pics of my customs. :)

Leahs Tree of Life Colorway (to match her camo) Cover-

Lindsy's Black VW Bus Embroidered Pants- (yay for getting my embroidery machine & foot back)

Kira's Dragon Pants, Front View-

Kira's Dragon Pants, Side View-

Kira's Green Pants w/LWI pocket & waistband

Alyce's Peace on Earth Set-

Alyce's Bacon & Eggs Set-

Alyce's Rock Star/Drums Set-

Leah's Shorts with Brown Tow Truck (like mater)-

Leah's Grey Shorts with Helicopter on Pocket-

And that is all right now. The rest of my last custom list is nearly done, I just have a few tees to do. :) I will show them in the next few days.

I also have been working on some instock items, I will be stocking next wednesday/thursday, I believe so look out for that. ;)

Thanks Ladies! ;)

1 comment:

kira said...

Oh my goodness, those are amazing! All I can say is neener, neener, those dragon pants are mine!! ;) Lindsay, those turned out way cooler than I ever imagined, thank you!