Thursday, May 15, 2008

A wardrobe custom....

hey ladies! ok first of all my keyboard is acting out today and whenever i try to click shift to capatalize a letter, it erases the last thing i wrote, so excuse no caps today, will have to pick up a new keyboard tonight.

i think this could possibly be the most fun custom ive done. i got to design a whole wardrobe for a little girl. *smiles* the wardrobe includes:

-2 pants sets
-2 shorts sets
-2 cover sets

i will be offering a complete wardrobe custom sometime in the near future, sometime in the coming months i believe, need to work out some details first. now for the pics.

a collage of the sets together-

heather ross dandelions set- appliqued pants, swing top (needs snaps), matching appliqued tee.

janes paradise set- appliqued frilly edged shorts, peasant top/dress-

razzle dazzle set- shirred halter tank dress/top, appliqued matching cover

peachy dress set- playdress tunic/dress length, appliqued cover-

camo flowers set- appliqued wool pants, long sleeved tee

heather ross goldfish set- swing top/dress, appliqued wool shorties

thanks ladies. and i hope the owner of all this stuff loves it all. :)

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casandra said...

wow!!! they are all so so CUTE. you did such a nice job, lindsay. i love seeing all of your new creations. :) thanks for sharing.