Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A few more customs....

Hey Ladies!! :) Here are some customs Ive done lately!! :)

Melissa's Pink Shorts-

Melissa's Tan/Red Medium Cover-

Melissa's Black Shorts-

And this was not a custom, I dyed this over some scrap wool I had that was seafoam in color, and I have to say this is my new favortite dyejob, the blue and brown just compliment each other so well and look gorgeous!!!

Alyce's Appliqued Tee-

Casandra's Wool Shorts

Casandra's Brown Wool Shorts

Surprise Me Custom-

Melissa's Small Wool Cover-
And thats all folks, Ill have some more pics tonight. :) Thanks!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A wardrobe custom....

hey ladies! ok first of all my keyboard is acting out today and whenever i try to click shift to capatalize a letter, it erases the last thing i wrote, so excuse no caps today, will have to pick up a new keyboard tonight.

i think this could possibly be the most fun custom ive done. i got to design a whole wardrobe for a little girl. *smiles* the wardrobe includes:

-2 pants sets
-2 shorts sets
-2 cover sets

i will be offering a complete wardrobe custom sometime in the near future, sometime in the coming months i believe, need to work out some details first. now for the pics.

a collage of the sets together-

heather ross dandelions set- appliqued pants, swing top (needs snaps), matching appliqued tee.

janes paradise set- appliqued frilly edged shorts, peasant top/dress-

razzle dazzle set- shirred halter tank dress/top, appliqued matching cover

peachy dress set- playdress tunic/dress length, appliqued cover-

camo flowers set- appliqued wool pants, long sleeved tee

heather ross goldfish set- swing top/dress, appliqued wool shorties

thanks ladies. and i hope the owner of all this stuff loves it all. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long Time, No Post...

Hey Ladies, sorry its been nearly a week since Ive written. :) Just been busy busy busy!!! :) I just wanted to say Hi. If you are awaiting an email from me, Ill get to it by tonight. For some reason, I am SUPER tired today, I cant shake out of it, Ive tried coffee, lying on the couch with the kids to rest, slapping myself, hahaha, but none the less, Im still exhausted and not able to shake it, so if Im slow with emails, Ill get to them tonight. :)

I had a very very hard day yesterday though so that could be it. ;) I arrived to drop my son off at school and they werent letting anyone in as they were on lock-down b/c there was an armed robbery in the area. So I came home and went to the neighboors, we let the kids play while we watched the news, and locked all the doors. I finally come upstairs to pack my kids lunch, to go to a friends for a playdate, everything went fine there, but on the way home my tire shredded massively. I was on a very busy freeway going 75MPH, and in the very left lane, waah! I had to get over to the right, finally I was able to, only to sit on the side of the road for 45 mins waiting for a tow truck, I was SO close to the cars whirring by it was nuts. Anyways, I get home to a ton of emails, and I just wasnt able to email many people last night, just had too hard of a day to think straight, not to mention all the minor issues I had throughout the day. So, anyways, enough rambling. Point is, now Im tired, and Ill get to my emails tonight. :)

Here are a few pics of some customs I completed a week ago or so, these should be in the customers hands soon, if not already. :)

Suprise Me Custom-

Becky's Size Small Covers-

Another View-

Becky's XS Shorts. :)-

Thanks Ladies. Ill have some more pics sometime tomorrow. ;)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Progress Pics!

Hey Ladies! Just a couple more progress pics here. ;)

Heathers Peace, Love Set- :)

Back of the VW Bus on other side of leg.

Heathers Snail Set- (Click on this one bigger, the embroidery is so cute.)

Kimberly's Blue/Brown LWI Pants- Im super happy with how these came out. I think the colors on this came out so nicely, the pic doesnt do this wonders. :)

Surprise Me Custom, Mission Robot-

Thats all for now, some more tomorrow. :) Im working like a maniac here! Thanks Ladies, I love my job!!! So much fun making stuff for your little ones. ;)



Saturday, May 3, 2008

Progress Pics Galore! ;)

Here are some progress pics of my customs. :)

Leahs Tree of Life Colorway (to match her camo) Cover-

Lindsy's Black VW Bus Embroidered Pants- (yay for getting my embroidery machine & foot back)

Kira's Dragon Pants, Front View-

Kira's Dragon Pants, Side View-

Kira's Green Pants w/LWI pocket & waistband

Alyce's Peace on Earth Set-

Alyce's Bacon & Eggs Set-

Alyce's Rock Star/Drums Set-

Leah's Shorts with Brown Tow Truck (like mater)-

Leah's Grey Shorts with Helicopter on Pocket-

And that is all right now. The rest of my last custom list is nearly done, I just have a few tees to do. :) I will show them in the next few days.

I also have been working on some instock items, I will be stocking next wednesday/thursday, I believe so look out for that. ;)

Thanks Ladies! ;)