Saturday, March 29, 2008

The post of goodies

Ok, here it goes!!!! First off my progress today:

1. sewed Britts hibiscus shorts
2. dyed 3 more colors (stay tuned for pics)
3. Ok, thats it, I just didnt wanna look completely unproductive, so I added a #3.

And now for some pics, and yes I realize none of these have tags yet. ;) Ill put em up, I promise!

Kristines Apple Pants:

Janes Surfboard Medium Short Cover:

Beckys Owl Cover:

Apple Covers (2), one for Katie A. and the other for Britt.

Britts Cupcake Cover

Britts Doggie Shorts:

Britts Birdy Shorts

Britts Hibiscus Shorts

And just for fun, a pic of my embroidery machine doing its magic for this applique, all my straight stitch appliques are done by me. :)

Samanthas Baby Set (Sorry, Samantha, you get 2 tshirts since I totally messed up and made the SS one first, I hope you dont mind. ;))

Samanthas Rocket Ship Set

And more "fun" pics. Here is a pic of me dyeing today. Excuse the totally splotched up dyepots, my dyepots have seen better days, and I need to wipe them off after Im done with them, look at all those splotches. Really though, I just need to buy some new pots, these ones HAVE seen better days, and like almost 3 yrs of dyeing!!!

And, I am trying to teach my sweet hubby to stir my dye pots so I can go off and sew while the dyepots are going. He thinks he is being funny in this pic. *rolls eyes & shakes head* Sigh. Male Humor.

Thanks!!! Happy Reading!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love them all. I may need an elephant set when you're ready to take more customs! :)

- Alyce

Katie said...

hahaha I think Jimmy is funny too. But its all about the Dodgers baby!