Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Morning!!!

Oh my!!! Drama in the Finnegan crib this AM! lol

My husbands sole and only duty this AM was to get me coffee grounds. No, I am not cool and dont have a grinder yet. So, this AM I wake up, see my fresh bag of starbucks coffee grounds (I know I need to try Uber Geek Coffee, just need a grinder first) pry it open, which takes some work mind you when you are a zombie. I open it up, get ready to pour it, when I realize. HE GOT ME BEANS!!! Nooooooooo! So, Im like starting to go into freakout mode here. Not only am I brutally upset he didnt get me coffee GROUNDS, Im starting to come up with insane ideas in my head like "waah its the little things that count!" "why doesnt he pay attention to the small details, I did remind him he needed to buy ground, does he pay no attention to me and my simple needs?" which I know is a little extreme for him buying me beans instead of ground, but oy I need my coffee to live.

Waaaah! Why me??

In the meantime, its gonna take some extra time to get movin' this AM for me, hopefully I live. ;) Standby!

Drama, Rant Over.

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