Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Nights Sewing

Good Afternoon! :) First off, this is SO much fun for me!! Raise your hand if its fun for YOU. ;) Raise your hand if I use too many exclamation marks! *Hand is raised, I know I do. I admit it, I cant stop!!!*

I have to include some fun pictures in every entry, just for, well, fun.

Here is my pile of wool customs, that NEED to go out tomorrow. Some items are parts of a custom, so they wont go out until the rest of the custom is complete. Most will be shipped tonight, and sent out tomorrow. :) Be patient though, its a lot of shipping to do, I promise to be timely though.

Another view, again, just for fun,

And now for the customs I finished last night.

First off, Kimberly's Hedge Pants

Kimberly's Tree of Life LWI Dyed Pants

Kristine's Dino Pants

Katie A.'s Star Wool Cover

Katie A.'s Dove Wool Cover

And that's all she wrote today. :) I will be continuing with my custom list tonight/tomorrow though, so if you aren't on this post, you will be soon. :)

Thanks for humoring me!



Katie said...

oh, the dove turned out perfectly *tears*

kristine said...

I am dying over the dino pants...I CANNOT WAIT!!