Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another dye night tonight

Not much sewing went on today. I did however get through the last 12 colors of dyeing on my custom list. Usually I have 3 dye pots going at a time, and it takes me nearly an hour to prep, dye, rinse those 3 colors. With my husbands help, we got through 12 colors in under 2 hours minus the cleanup. He has become a huge help and commodity to my business. We are working hard to up my efficiency, so I can take on more orders in a quicker manner (aka, instead of taking 3 weeks to complete my custom list, taking 1-2 weeks instead). If we can succeed at doing this, our financial comfort level will greatly increase, and for that I thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart! I also want to thank my husband, who has worked so hard lately working all day, than coming home and helping with the children, helping putting them to sleep, and than waking up to help me with my business. He is my rock, and I couldn't do this without his support, which he always has been 100% supportive.

So thank you all so much!!! You give me the ability to stay home with my kids, and thank you Jimmy for being my rock baby! :)

Anyways, onto the good stuff, ALL of my custom list is now dyed up, in the wash. Tomorrow I will take pics. So now, all I have to do it sew it up!!! So if you are on my custom list, and haven't seen pics yet, just know you will see them soon. :)

Thanks ladies!

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Jim said...

What up fo fo fa fa...Looking good and the car aint dorky woman....