Saturday, April 19, 2008

A perfect example of what NOT to do....

as a dyer. :) Dont do this, this is bad! LOL I need to go scrub my hands in dawn or something! LOL I didnt realize they were this bad till this pic! LOL We did a TON of dyeing tonight. I basically am almost finished dyeing everyone on my list, except for maybe 3-4 customs which I will be dyeing this weekend, I hope.

Here is a pic of me, totally dyed hands, this is bad, dont try this at home. Excuse me looking a little run down, it is 12:57am, we wear our worst clothes to dye, for reasons you can obviously see, and the house gets extremely hot during dyeing.

Here is a pic of my hubby, who insisted I take a pic of him too.

Off to go scrub my hands in dawn and a scrubbie!

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