Saturday, April 19, 2008

Labels Arrived, Labels Arrived!!!! Happy Daaaance!

Woooooohooooooo! Thank goodness, as I badly wanted to get all that I have here shipped, my finished wool pile is getting tall! Yaaaay, so everything that I have pictured, if it hasnt been shipped yet, will be shipped Monday, as I will be having a label-fest this weekend. :) If I pictured your items but havent completed your custom, of course your items wont be shipped until I have finished your custom. :)

You have NO idea how excited I am that my labels arrived, and I have enough to last me like a year now, so this wont happen again!!!!! :)



Anonymous said...

Yeah and let me tell you Lindsay has a great happy dance hahahaah

Anonymous said...

^ Guessing Jimmy? lol

Yahoo!!! I can't wait to see Mr.Ky's shorts! Like you don't even KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!