Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey Ladies, A few updates

1. I have been in contact with the shop, they cant find my embroidery foot, so had to order me a new one, they say itll arrive on Wednesday/Thursday at the latest. *rolls eyes* I sure hope so, b/c I do have 2 orders waiting on this. If its not here in the next 2 days or so, I am gonna seriously ask them if they will allow me to embroider on one of their machines in their store.

2. I was planning on listing customs tomorrow because I am nearly done with my custom list, however I think I will probably delay it a little b/c of my embroidery delay. I have most everyones orders (but Britt, Melissa, Laura, there may be a couple others that were later orders) nearly completed. Most all of the wool is sewn up, and I will be working on the tees/tops tomorrow. I think I will do some more instock as well sometime this week. :)

3. Please excuse any delay in ship or email lately, I have been super super swamped, at home and with my biz. So basically, even if you notice your order is complete, I may not necessarily get your item shipped right away, it may take me a few days minimum to get your order out, because I tend to do shipping only a couple times per week. So until you get a shipping notice in your inbox (this excludes Itl orders) assume I havent shipped it yet but I am getting to it. No one has even asked about this, but I thought I would bring it up, just in case people were wondering. :)

Anyhow, I hope to have all custom slots out (from my last stocking) by this week. :)

Thanks ladies, I am so glad to be working for ya all. I promise I keep saying Ill get pics and than I end up out all day with the kiddos, and the daylight is gone! LOL I wish my camera took decent pictures in the evening, as thats the most convenient time for pics, but of course it doesnt. :) So I wanna say pics tomorrow, lol, but I cant swear on it. :)

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