Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My progress pics. :)

Some progress pics, just a couple, Ill have some more tomorrow. :)

And some comments on all my pics today, I will try doing that on every pic now.

Marybels Owl Cover-
Thanks Mary! :) She has been a pleasure to work with. her husband actually drew out the covers for me on paper with an idea of what she wanted which was awesome since Im a very visual learner. :)

Surprise Me Custom #5-

This mama is so sweet. :) I hope she likes her set. She has been a pleasure to work with always. :)

Now these shorts are for a very special boy (although I think all my customers are special :)) He has a favorite owl that he carries around and his mama, a very close and special friend (ahem cough Summer), asked me to put an owl applique on his shorts to match his owl. I am showing a pic of her sweet son with the owl (I hope thats ok Sum, LMK) and than the shorts I did for him. She in trade made my daughter a name bracelet, which arrived yesterday and Kenzie just ADORES!!!!!! She has been going around asking who "built" it for her, and she wants to thank you personally when you are on MSN, Summer. LOL Ill get a pic of it on her later! :)

Thanks Ladies. ;) I have some friends coming over today, and I plan to dye while they are here since dyeing didnt get done last night. I need to get cleaning, and than on the list to be sewn tonight is the same people from the last list, I may or may not finish those up tonight, probably not. LOL


Erin said...

I think I cheated and saw my custom. But its so cute.

casandra said...

love the owls...you do such an awesome job.

bennsgirl said...

OMG Lindsay!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my owl cover!!! It is freaking ADORABLE!Drooolllllllllllllsssss