Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ohh!! And some new stocking info.

I forgot to include some information about my stockings in my last post. It has come to my attention that I dont stock my store enough, and I agree! :) I will be spending a couple days a week dyeing/sewing for instock during my custom list. Chances are what I will do is "schedule" time on my custom list for sewing for instock. My plan is to stock my store once per week with at least a few items. I will not be stocking my store however with custom slots until my current custom list at the time is complete, just some instock products.

If you have any ideas or requests for instock products, drop me a line, I could always use some ideas. :)

Some more new fun info! Since I failed at the day in the life of deal, lol, I will be planning on doing a start to finish post on making a wool product of some sort, maybe it will be yours ;). From the prepping of cutting the wool, prepping it, dyeing it, rinsing/washing it, drying it, and than the whole sewing process as well. Just b/c I think that will be fun for people to see. :)

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