Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Afternoon.

Hey Friends! :) I have some pics of a few things I have finished. I havent sewn the past day or so, because I have been busy answering e-mails. ;) However, tonight it is on! Here who is on board for tonights sewing:

Amanda S.'s Set
Beckys Set
Hemming Shannons Pants (oy, I lag, lol, these will go out tomorrow)
Amanda's Anchor Cover
Dye Marys Covers

Now, this is horribly overzealous to expect to get this done tonight, so bear with me, however, I will be do my darnest to at least start those items. :) Items that will be going out by Friday include:

Lisas Cupcake Covers
Valeries Covers
Shannons Pants
Janes Items

Here are the items I havent posted pics of yet:

2 of Janes Diapers: (the other I will start tonight)

Valeries 4 leaf clover cover (tag will be added):

So here is my schedule for tonight, just for fun:

6:30-7:00pm- Answering Emails

7:00-8:00pm- Cleaning my sewing room/kitchen (NOTHING can be sewn or dyed until these areas are cleaned, seriously, not happenning, LOL)

8:00-8:30pm- Spend time with the fam

8:30pm- Kids bedtime

8:45-9:00pm- Begin Sewing (I may answer some emails before I go to sew)

9:00-10:30pm- Sewing

10:30pm- Get my dh started with dyeing, I do all the mixing of colors, prepping, and he mostly does my stirring, rinsing and dumping while I sew.

11:30-12:00am- Curfew, cant sew anymore!! Get ready for bed. :)

12:30- Go to bed, watch TV in bed with DH.

12:30-1:00am- GoodNight! ;)

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