Monday, April 7, 2008

"A day in the life of" Me!


7:15am- Braedon wakes. Ugh that was too early for me, so the bad mother I am, I asked him to watch a show or 2, and play in the room quietly, so I could rest. Every 2 mins he is talking to me, so I didnt really get to sleep, but I did rest.

9:30am- Makenzie wakes up, comes to the bedroom with us, nurses. We get up around 9:45am.

9:45am- I fix the kids breakfast which was apples and a granola bar, thats about all I can handle until I can get some coffee into me, than they get something more, haha.

10:00am- I fix myself some coffee, sit down. Drink it and check my e-mail, and some message boards . I look at an email from my husband, informing me that his car stalled out and died yet AGAIN today (we have gone through this like 4 times in a 2 week period now, and the guys keeps fixing the wrong part) and he is having it towed to the mechanic. The mechanic thinks he put in a bad alternator, and if so, it is warrantied and he will fix it for us than, we will owe him nothing. Ugh I hope thats it, Im so over throwing money into this car. This also means, I have to pick up my husband from work tonight. Ugh, his work is forever away. See, we live in the country of the city, lol, and he works in the city of the city. And I dont like driving in the city! LOL Im making no sense, Ill explain later.

10:30am- I get in the shower, get out get dressed. 11:00am- Get Braedon and Makenzie ready to take Braedon to school.

11:30am- We leave to take B to school.

Here we are walking down the stairs, leaving.

Here we are at the car, yes its a dorky car, but it works, lol.

Here I am, about ready to drive off, yes Im wierd.

This is a daily struggle with my daughter. She has a rock obsession. This pile of rocks is right beside where we park the car. So EVERYTIME before she gets into her carsear, we deal with her getting into the rocks, Im surprised there are any left to look at for crying outloud, I usually try to get her to not do it, and put any rocks back, but she has smuggled quite a few. *sigh*

11:40- We arrive at school

And here he is waiting his turn, yes that is toilet paper next to him, I guess the last kid had some fun. It was clean, lol.

Here is my son washing his hands, they ask all the kids to wash their hands before class to minimize germies. Hes drying his hands here.

12:10pm- We arrive home finally, we stayed with Braedon a few mins as they were doing something new today and he was being a little bit clingy. We are walking up stairs and our neighboor calls me, so we go into her pad for a few mins. Makenzie gets to play with her 4 yr old son. We talk a bit about school (he is at the same school as Braedon but in the morning class) and some things we need to bring. Just general chit chat. We stay down there about an hour.

1:10pm- We come back upstairs to our place, and I get lunch started for Kenzie and I, we have avocados and organic mac n cheese, yes Im boring today.

1:30pm- We eat lunch.

2:00pm- We are now just kicking it, doing nothing, lol, on here posting stuff. I am going to get up and clean here in 2 mins. My husband has now informed me that our car did have a bad alternator, and the guys fixed it on him, and I have to go get my husband straight after picking up Braedon at 3:15pm. So I better get some cleaning done now. No pics for now, maybe Ill take some of my house as I clean it. :) My life is so boring, LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE these kinda posts. Dunno why but I am always so giddy when I see "Day in the life of" posts. I guess I feel closer to ya, that way. lol I demand more pics of your day though! ;)