Friday, April 4, 2008

Good Morning Friends :)

Happy Friday! I have a full day ahead of me today. I will be taking pics of my progress later today however, I have completed:

* Lisas Cupcake Covers
* Valeries Butterfly Cover
* Shannons Capris & Pants (just need to hem them)
* Woody Diaper for Jane
* Cut all the remaining orders out, just need to sew it. :)

What I need to do today:

11:00am- get us all ready to take my son to preschool Done
11:30am- leave for preschool Done
12:00am- get home, and start cleaning the house, from top to bottom Done
2:00pm- sew for one hour before I have to leave to pick up my son from preschool Did not happen, lol
3:00pm- leave to get my son from preschool Done
3:30pm- get home, and finish any cleaning/laundry. If the house is done, sit on my tushy for a few mins on the computer (lol), or go sew. Computer happenned, laundry didnt, I did felt up some more wool though!! haha
5:30pm- Dh is home, we need to go grocery shopping DONE, yay, we had NO food, now we have lots
8:30pm- Get kids ready for bed, get kids to bed Done
9-9:3opm- get sewin' Done, and finished Marybels custom
12:00am- My Sewing Curfew, go sit on the computer for 30 mins. Done
12:30am- Bedtime, go to bed, watch some TV/talk wit Dh Done
1-130am- Crash! yay! :) Done

Ill be on later with pics. :) Have a good day!

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Lisa said...

LOL, I've been watching all day for pics of my cupcake soakers :D I hope you're having a great day haha!