Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where am I?

Im here. :)

First some bad news. I have a dilemna with my labels, so if I havent shipped out your product yet, there may be a slight delay (hopefully not being more than a few days) b/c I ran out of labels, I thought I had like 100 left when I ordered new labels 3 weeks ago or so, and either I went through 100 labels or I totally miscounted, it could totally possibly be the first with the amt of stuff I have been able to bust out lately!!! Which rocks! :) Anyhow, the labels are on their way to me, they shipped the 11th express international, so hopefully sometime early this week, they will arrive. :)

Now, for progress. :)

Customs I have completed but have not yet shipped due to the label issue-

1. Valeries 3 wool covers
2. Shannons Pants
3. Janes Cover & 3 diapers
4. Lisas Cupcake covers
5. Beckys Set
6. Amanda S.'s Set
7. Amanda Perry

I will be doing some searching in my drawers for labels, lol, if I find some your orders will go out. If not, please be patient with me, this def was not something I thought would happen, and I have 500 labels on the way so it wont happen again, especially since next time, Ill be sure to order WAY ahead of time, lol. I expect the labels sometime mid- week, wednesday perhaps?

Orders I am working on now, all these orders have been dyed, and I am working on them now, some pics will come tomorrow-

1. Kellys Surprise Me
2. Danielles Surprise Me
3. Cellys Surprise Me
4. Erin F.s Surprise Me
5. Summers Shorts
6. Marys Covers

I anticipate completing all these customs by the end of the week, but we shall see. My husband and I will be dyeing tomorrow for a few more orders. :)

Ill be back tomorrow with pics. :) Thanks!

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