Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Progress Tonight

Ok, back to sewing customs. I am going to update everyone on my list right now, so they know where they are. I also am stopping tonight at 11:15pm-ish, to sew my son a new tshirt and my daughter something of some sort, my poor kiddos never get a sewing day, so my new goal is to try make them ONE thing every other day, I am going to take pics. If I dont do it, hold me to it! LOL

Ok Updates:

Britton- Waiting on measurements, wool dyed, fabric picked out and ready to be cut.
Samantha- Wool Dyed, Idea picked out. I am beginning cutting/sewing tonight for wool.
Elizabeth- I know what I am going to do, wool dyed and ready to cut, I will probably cut and begin your items tomorrow.
Casandra- Your custom is complete, I finished your shorts tonight, I will post pics tomorrow, and I will get this out for you by the weekend, Monday latest. :)
Alyce- Bacone & Eggs Set Complete, Both LWI Shorts Complete, Rock Star Shirt is being appliqued, Earth Tee will start tomorrow, other tee will start tomorrow.
Lindsy- Covers Complete, Waiting on my Embroidery machine to finish pants.
Teresa- All items cut, your wool shorts are done. Your cherry tunic is half finished.
Kira- Your Skull Cover is appliqued and the cuffs are ready to go on, I am working on "green" items tonight, so that will be sewn up tomorrow. Dragon Pants Complete, Working on last pair of pants.
Heather- All items dyed. Snail Shorts finished. VW Shorts Cut, ready to begin sewing. Cover cut, will begin sewing sometime during the weekend.
Natialie- All your items are dyed and cut. Will begin sewing sometime this weekend.
Leah- All your items are dyed and cut. Will begin sewing this weekend.
Brittany- I have my ideas complete, your wool will be dyed this weekend.

Phew! if your name is not on this list, I am either in the process of packaging up your order, or it has already been shipped. :) I am actually making a ton of progress lately. :) I think I will probably do Samanthas shorts tonight, and than sew for my kiddos. :)
Thanks Ladies. ;)


casandra said...

great...can't wait to see a pic.

ahisma said...

Wow....I don't know how you do it! I'm totally amazed:)

Kira said...

You're killing me! I can't wait to see pictures!