Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Embroidery News

Ugh, so I called them this afternoon to let them know they didnt include my embroidery foot when I took the machine home yesterday. They said they couldnt find the foot all around the store, but I insisted it was not there, so they told me they had something there I could probably take. I drive like 30 mins there, for them to hand me a foot that is NOT the same as the foot I had. I explain this to him, he assures me it will work. I take it home, it does NOT!!!

Im so frustrated with this guy. I call him and he tells me he will check his other store, and if they dont have it, they will order me a new part, which is fine, but it just puts me behind on my embroidery items. He is due to call me back tonight any minute now. Just think happy thoughts that he has one at the other store that will work, so I can get it this weekend. Otherwise I wont be recieving the new foot until sometime next week. I just wanna embroider, why are they so mean! LOL

Anyways, Off to sew. :) Thanks ladies.

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