Friday, April 25, 2008

My Sewing Agenda Tonight :)

*Elizabeths Wool
*Heathers VW Shorts
*Heathers Cover
*Natalies Wool
*Leahs Wool

I will be working on the following wool items tonight, Im sure I wont get them all done but I will be beginning to sew them. :)

And some more good and bad news.

Good News-
I got my embroidery machine back today and it looks so nice and new and clean!!! He did a test embroidery and it looks wonderful!!!

Bad News-
I went to start an embroidery tonight when I realized, they forgot to give me back my embroidery foot!!!!! Grrrr, I was really really upset, and threw a fit about it whining to my husband, lol, poor guy. You have NO idea how excited I was to try it out now thats its been fixed, cleaned up and purty and looking new, and than NOOOOO. We are probably going out of town for the day tomorrow, and they are on the way out, so providing they are open on Saturday, I will get it back tomorrow.

Anyways, thanks for a successful stocking today. I think I have the best customers evah! :) I love you guys truly. I couldnt be happier working for you all. :)

And now, off to sew. ;)

Oh, Edited To Add- I will take some pics this weekend! :)

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