Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sorry I lag :)

Title says it all. I say things, than get busy and dont get it done, by the time I remember its dark and I cant take pics in the dark, they turn out awful without the sun. Sorry! So here are the pictures I promised. They also dont have labels yet, I need to do that. However, one exciting new thing is, I bought some spray lanolin, so my covers will now come lightly lanolized and ready to wear. Yipeeee!

Marybel's Rocket Ship Cover:

Marybel's Monster Cover:

Marybel's Jolly Roger Cover:

Lisa's Cupcake Cover #1:

Lisa's Cupcake Cover #2:

Lisas Cupcake Covers Together. :) Sorry for making you wait Lisa! LOL

Shannon, I need to hem your capris & pants and than I will have pics for you. :)

I will be working this weekend on completing my custom list, so if you arent on this post, you'll be in one of the future ones, very soon future. Now off to take a shower, and than get to work. :)

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Lisa said...

Oh those look AWESOME!! I'm so excited! I totally forgot to look yesterday and then I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about these soakers LOL, but I resisted the urge to come and look then...

Can't wait to get them!